LED Screen


We have an impressive range of indoor LED screens for hire to ensure you have the perfect big screen for your project that brings you an unforgettable viewing experience for your indoor event. We have been providing screen hire service over a decade to large as well as small events. High resolution indoor screens are the perfect display solution for indoor events like exhibitions, conferences, award shows, corporate events, experimental marketing, etc. Our utmost priority with your screen hire experience is to bring life to your event with stunning sound and picture quality.

  • Lightweight, silent, easy to install LED panels suited to installing into sets big and small.
  • A fine display of 3.9-pixel pitch LED screens
  • 24/7 support with unrivalled help, advices and services.
  • Full range of in-house production and development services
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Our range of robust and reliable modular LED screens are perfect for all outdoor events that require a big screen. With the latest LED technology, they look clear and brilliant under bright image and camera lighting, or in direct sunlight. We ensure that your content looks its very best even in high ambient light environments. Our outdoor LED screens are durable and are able to withstand tough weather conditions such as heavy rain and winds, thus providing high quality pictures and sound that will captivate your audience. Our outdoor LED screens are affordable and are very easy to set up. Our screens offer brightness that enable them to display perfect images to the audience regardless of the time in day or night giving the best outdoor experience.

  • Quick build system for fast and smooth installation.
  • 5mm pixel-pitch LED screens for a greater balance of resolution and price.
  • In-house production services.
  • Time efficient, cost-effective and provide positive and lasting impression on your guests
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